Suzanne (from my publishers) calls me up to ask me about the shoot she mentioned. I tell her that I don’t really have time at the moment and anyway, I would rather put up pictures of me being me rather than me being a dolled up, air-brushed, sanitized version of me. Unfortunately she thinks this is a “great idea!” because I’m “more accessible that way”. “More accessible?” I say. “I’m already accessible! If I were more accessible, I’d be posting up my number in phone boxes across London.” She laughs and insists that I send a few pictures over. I sigh and relent.

I have already mentioned that the hard drive on my home PC gave up on me. The main thing I was worried about was my music but you know, music can always be collected again. I didn’t think twice about my pictures because I thought they were backed up on my work PC. So after I said bye to Suzanne, I started looking through the pictures on my work PC and realised that half my collection is missing; holiday pictures, pictures of family and friends and almost every moment I held close to my heart. Gone. I’m in a panic. The only hope I have is a couple of CDs that are lying in my room somewhere which I used to backup some of my stuff before I reformatted my PC about ten months ago. Sure, it won’t be up to date but at least it’s something. Now I’m scavenging my e-mail, my work PC’s hard drive and photobucket to try and collate the half I have left…


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