Excuse me if this entry is a little disorganised. I’m feeling woozy from a mixture of Costa Coffee Frescato and Italy’s win last night. I had a relatively decent weekend. There was much controversy over my book but I’m not one to worry myself over that. Had a relatively decent shopping trip; I managed to find a suit in a size six so I would say that’s pretty successful! 

And before you suspect me of anorexia, any woman will tell you that Next sizes are massive. I think it’s a corporate ploy to make customers feel good about themselves. But anyway, yes, was very pleased to find a suit that actually made me look semi-professional rather than like a little girl who has dressed up in mummy’s work clothes.

I couldn’t resist the pull of Borders - bought some non-fiction so that has got to be ok, right? (Watching the English, Freakonomics and City of God) and bought some bits and pieces to add to my “Asian Woman Extraordinaire” arsenal. In addition to this, I cooked two dishes on Sunday which were greeted with a positive reception so I’m slowly, slowly getting there.

Yes, I do realise that my pretence about my blog entries actually focusing on something is slowly deteriorating (what’s all this but a ramble about nothing in particular?) but as I said, I have Frescato coursing through my veins and am in no mood to really talk about anything important. I would promise a cerebral and important entry for tomorrow but I managed to bugger up my computer over the weekend – I didn’t try entering the BIOS but I suspect the hard drive is spent. If not, will have to reformat it. Lord, It’s just one thing after another! Maybe when I get married, I’ll just give it all up and become a housewife. But, hey, you know what they say about the grass so I shouldn’t complain. *Yawns and stretches*


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