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N*****s, P***s and C****s

I was on the train listening to Nothing by N.O.R.E (yes, I listen to such classy music) and as you can see from the lyrics, the song is pretty saturated with the word “nigger” (or if I’m cool like Tim Westwood, “nigga”). Now I don’t usually listen to music cranked up to piss-off-my-fellow-passengers level but the song before it (Stand By Me by Ben E. King) was really quiet so I turned it up. 

A quick tribute

Depressed about: Michael Schumacher losing out on his eighth world championship. Yes, he lost but he was certainly not the loser. His last grand prix proved him to be a driver that excels any other on the track. His determination and will to win is beyond anything else in the current sporting climate. He has won the championship in two different cars and outlasted at least four close challengers. Statistically, he is the best driver the sport has ever seen and I’m pretty sure we will never have another driver like him.