A few days ago, a young Asian girl smiled at me; just a passing smile that you may shoot at a stranger who you make eye contact with. I was so taken aback that I looked at her in a half smile, half stunned-duck kind of way. Why was I taken aback? Because I can truly say that no young Asian female stranger has ever, ever smiled at me. Conversely, I don’t think I have ever smiled at one either. Why am I highlighting this? To show that Asian girls are just so damned bitchy. I know that’s generalising but the vast majority of them (us) are.

Members of the poker-straight-hair, jeans-tucked-in-boots brigade are readily equipped with dirty looks that could floor each other if they had physical force. When I walk down the street with my 16-year-old sister, I can see her assessing every single Asian girl that walks by and they engage in some sort of evil stare-out. Why are we all such cows? It’s not like we’re out to steal each other’s boyfriends/jobs/friends/cred so what’s with all the mascara-caked evil eyes? Smile for Christ’s sake. I promise I’ll smile back without a trace of my stunned-duck expression. Now let’s all hold hands and sing. 

Kumbaya, m’lord. Kumbaya.


  1. Bitchy?

    Maybe they're just shy...
    (p.s I am reading your blog, word for word, in the wee small hours of the morning, having only just discovered it. Laughing and crying my way through all of it so far. Brilliant!)

  2. Yes, most Asian girls are stuck-up and bitchy. They're obssessed with looks, and they thik they're Bollywood queens. They hate it if smoeone looks better than them. Even the ugly ones are insecure. They give you attitude and you're thinking "why would I hit on you for you're ugly". I knew this ugly girl at uni who used to call all the prettyboys "gay". She used to call me gay behind my back aswell. And this girl is short , fat, ugly and wears so much makeup that you can see it from far away. Yet she wears a headscarf.


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