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Feeling sick

I’m feeling totally crap this morning. I’ve caught a cold and as some of you know, I don’t do things by half and that includes getting ill. I’m at the beginning stages so I’m still coherent but what’s pissing me off is the fact that I’m going to an Outlandish gig tonight and have been looking forward to it for weeks and now that it rolls around, I’m feeling like a nauseous hippo being forced to sit in a clean white room when all it wants to do is go to sleep in the mud. 

Great Expectations

Anytime I’ve been asked to give advice to youngsters, I tell them to follow two simple rules and they’ll be okay:

1. Stay in school
2. Don’t do drugs

Email exchange

Kia: And, forgot to say... asking a person with dyslexia to proofread by manuscript is just asking for trouble, isn't it? (Not terribly PC I know but there you go...)
Person-with-dyslexia: Did you mean "my manuscript" there? =P
Kia: Cheeky bugger
Person-with-dyslexia: You deserved it =)

I'm Back

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry for abandoning you all during the Christmas period. As you can imagine, I was really busy… watching Fifty Greatest Number Ones Ever and Fifty Greatest Rock Songs Ever and Fifty Greatest Videos Ever and so on and so forth. It’s the curse of Freeview; nothing good is on but you sit and watch it anyway. I’m pretty sure it made me shed more than a few brain cells.