Feeling better

My cold miraculously abated for the few hours that I spent at the Outlandish gig last night. Of course it’s back with a vengeance this morning partly due to the fact that I skipped dinner last night and barely managed four hours' sleep. 

On the plus side, the gig was fantastic. The guys did really well and despite leaving two of my favourite songs (Nothing Left To Do and Fatima’s Hand) out, the playlist was stellar.
A massive thank-you to the lovely and wonderful DJ Nihal for introducing me to the guys and not piss-taking me (too much) for not acting cool. On the whole, a great night and most certainly worth losing a few hours’ sleep over.

Apart from that, nothing new to report. Just a bit headachy and sore-throaty but I’m downing Lemsip capsules faster that you can say "druggie". *Sigh* Onwards and upwards.


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