# I’m Gonna Live Forever #

So I was sitting on a Jubilee Line train on Thursday, travelling from Stratford to North Greenwich, when I noticed that the guy next to me was reading my column in The Docklands. I surreptitiously watched him and was pleased to see a smile spread on his lips. I was so tempted to take out my headphones, point to my picture and say, “That’s meeee,” but chances are, he would have looked at me and said, “Uh, oh-kay. So?” at which point I would have gone red with embarrassment and hung my head in shame.
The thing is, it gives me a strange sort of thrill when I see people reading my work or when I’m recognised. Is that sad? It is kind of pathetic in a fame hungry sort of way, right? This doesn’t sit very well with me – you see, I’m many things but I’m pretty sure I’m not fame hungry and yet I get this silly thrill when I’m recognised. Next thing you know, I’ll be listening to Bros and auditioning for Big Brother 37 or whatever series they’re on now...

Attention seeking aside, in a strange reversal of roles, I am 95% sure I sat opposite The Guardian’s Charlie Brooker yesterday on a train from Lewisham to Charing Cross. I was so tempted to ask but was far too embarrassed to. As soon as I got off the train, I dug out the G2 in my bag but unfortunately it was Alexander Chancellor who wrote Friday’s column. It is now my life’s mission to find out if Charlie Brooker owns a yellow and black striped scarf (since that was the only distinctive thing he was wearing). If it turns out that he doesn’t, then I most likely gave some random guy an ego boost since I spent the entire journey staring at him intently. [Update: Charlie was kind enough to repsond to my query... it wasn't him.]

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m off to find a Z-lister to go partying at Mo*vida with…


  1. Just to let you know, I can see that grin slowly emerging that as soon as the doc ands paper is posted through my door, I swiftly ignore all the pages until i come to your column . kinda mkes me ponder how most of your thoughts i agree with!:)

  2. > فاطمة

    Thank you. I'm always glad to hear that people actually read the stuff I write (and that some agree with some of it! :)

  3. Oh, I see! Well, no - I'm afraid I've never seen him wearing a yellow and black scarf (and not lying round his flat either). Sorry, think you may have ego-boosted the man - but will definitely ask CB in case he's bought one recently! x


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