Azzurri Blues

I’m off to have some cake in a minute to console myself after Italy’s 3-0 loss to Holland. I can’t claim to be a football fan: I only ever watch it at international level and barely know my van de Sars from my van Nistelrooys (I guess you could call me a fair-weather football fan) but I have always supported Italy and do manage to get wrapped up in their matches. Hence, the cake. It’s okay though. Italy always start off slow. They *do* have a tough group but at least there’s no Zidane to contend with. So I’m hopeful...
On a completely different note, is it me or is there a sudden increase in really annoying kids in adverts? That kid in the Oreo advert that talks to the dog makes me see red; those kids in that count the Rice Krispies drive me up the wall; and even the new Petit Filous girl (with the thick eyebrows) annoys me. Am I alone in this? Am I the only person whose blood starts to boil when one of those adverts come on? I'm getting annoyed just thinking about them.

Ok, now I really do need some cake.


  1. I thought of you three times tonight...

  2. I'm glad to see the fixation is weakening.

  3. Ah, annoying adverts! I share this angst. The kid who says "poo" whilst sitting on the loo for air freshner is one where I want to throw something at my T.V, ITV always manage to put it on when I am having my dinner too.
    Also (although he is not a kid) but the guy who fixes the lift in the Coke advert. They called HIM a hunk??? are they blind?


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