Good Catch

Meeting a partner’s colleagues is rarely a great experience. Everyone knows each other and can share conversation, and you end up being the one stuck in the corner or having to have everything explained to them. Luckily, when I met my partner’s colleagues, they were all warm, friendly and interesting (despite being a bunch of accountants…).

A few of them joked and asked me what I was doing with my partner as I was “too good for him”. I don’t think I am, of course, but the compliment did give me an ego boost.
People often tell women that they are far too beautiful/smart/talented for the men that they are with. Sometimes this is okay – women do have a tendency to flock to bastards – but is it okay to say it to a normal couple who are with each other because they love each other? 

Can men take this sort of comment simply because they’re men? I can’t imagine introducing my partner to my colleagues and being told that I’m not good enough for him and that he’s far too handsome/smart/talented for me. I would find it hurtful and it would probably make me feel a bit insecure. 

Are men genuinely happy to receive this kind of comment? When we tell a man his woman is too good for him, does he feel proud that he’s managed to get her? Is there really no trace of insecurity?

Men and women may be equal but we’re certainly not the same…

In other news

Lost in suburbia: I had a conversation about whether it was less neighbourly to have a completely overgrown front garden or to use a (loud-ish) hedge trimmer on a Sunday. I decided it was the latter, after which I felt kind of depressed that life has come to this. All I need is a pair of kids and a four-wheel-drive and I will have become that woman.

Having kittens: A friend’s cat has had kittens. I briefly considered taking one but decided against it because a) I can get a bit Monica Gellar when it comes to cleanliness and b) I’d become the woman who lives alone with a cat and I’m not sure if that woman is better or worse than the suburban nightmare woman. 

Sex Kitten: I’ve decided my eyes bags are sexy in a Marisa-Tomei-I-was-up-all-night-doing-never-you-mind-what kind of way instead of making me look like an exhausted heap. Woot woot.