The Plan

As we approach the end of 2008, I, like may others, am inevitably evaluating the year gone by.

2005 was inconsequential, hence my vow to make 2006 count.
2006 saw the publication of my first book as well as the unravelling of my first marriage.
2007 began with the death of my father but turned into a fantastic and crazy year at Asian Woman magazine.

2008 saw me struggle with the aftermath of Asian Woman. As I explained in Under Pressure, it seemed that the year passed by in slow motion, with little passion or intensity.

That’s not to say that good things didn’t happen. I published pieces across a range of publications, including the Guardian and, of course, I got married (to a man I actually wanted).

But even with those great things, I still feel like I’ve been floating through the year aimlessly. I think it’s partly due to the lack of a full time job. While freelancing is great, it doesn’t provide the fast-paced working environment I enjoy or the pressure I need to be productive. This is why I’m setting myself clear goals for 2009.

A list means that I have a tangible set of criteria to measure 2009 against. And, yes, being the geek that I am, I have included deadlines in brackets (the * indicates deadlines that may run late depending on external factors). It’s not a particularly long list but I think it’s a worthy one.

Find a job I enjoy (15 Feb*) (done 27 Aug)
Finish second book (15 May) (done 30 April)
Get fit (15 May onwards)

Enrol in a Spanish class (15 May onwards) (done 29 Dec)
Publish second book (15 Dec*) (done 04 Dec)
Attend a protest (31 Dec) (done 03 Jan)
Visit two countries I haven’t seen (31 Dec) (done 20 Dec)

Happy New Year.
Here's hoping it all goes according to plan.


  1. Good luck! I'm sure you can do all that and more. Though don't protest if you can't find anything to protest about! x

  2. Kia,
    That sounds like a good list, but if you manage to achieve all you set out to do I say protest against Procrastination.

    Happy, productive and blessed New year to you.

  3. Have a Happy NEW YEAR. I like your list and deadlines. I have been working on one in my head :).


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