Playing Favourite

Despite reading some pretty bad reviews, I went to see
He’s Just Not That Into You today. I actually thought it was really funny and laughed out loud quite a few times. There were also some sad bits.

There’s one scene where Kris Kristofferson’s character tells Beth (Jennifer Aniston) that she’s his favourite daughter (even though he isn't meant to have one). It made me smile because I’ve always maintained that I was my father’s favourite daughter (even though he wasn't meant to have one). I remembered one occasion where my youngest sister, probably about 14 or 15 at the time, text herself from my dad’s phone with simply “To my favourite daughter” and then presented it to me as irrefutable evidence that it was actually her (and not me) that was his favourite. It made me laugh at the time and I laughed again as I remembered it. I wanted to text her to remind her of it but I figured it would only bring back memories and upset her. It kinda upset me.

Later on in the film (and this isn’t a spoiler), Beth’s father has a heart attack. It made me dissolve into tears which was a little bit pathetic. A couple of hours later, as I brushed my teeth in the bathroom, I was still biting back tears.

I just wanted to send that into the ether so it wouldn’t keep me up tonight.

Goodnight x


  1. I also watched the movie, in spite of all the bad reviews that I had read. I actully liked it, and found it a bit insightful.


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