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Fair Share

In the last seven days, I’ve told complete strangers the following seven things:
  • I’m nursing a celebrity crush on Michael Bublé
  • I hate flying American Airlines
  • I watched Shahrukh Khan’s interview on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross
  • I have Facebook friends in common with Salman Rushdie and Hanif Kureishi
  • I eat a lot of pizza
  • Where I was on Saturday morning
  • Did I mention the crush on Michael Bublé? (Don’t laugh. I haven’t felt his way since Jordan Knight.)

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Things change after you lose someone close to you. For a while, the change is big and dramatic. You wake up every day and you feel the loss echoing through your chest. Your movements seem slower, your regrets cut deeper. But as time passes, life slowly begins to resemble normality again. First you find that you can get through the day with dry eyes. Slowly, you stop crumbling when people say ‘I’m sorry’. Eventually, you remember how to smile again. For some, this happens within days; for others, months – maybe years.