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Private Eye

I’m a teensy bit under the weather today so am using that as an excuse to spend (waste) some time on Twitter. I found a link to a really interesting blog entry: Flickr Perversion by Dr Alec Couros (via @labnol and @mathewi). In short, it describes how pictures of Alec’s four year old daughter were ‘favourited’ by a person whose account linked to pages and pages of pictures of semi-clothed pre-teen girls. If you have a look at the screen grabs, you’ll get an idea of what the images were like.


Little sister: I feel all grown up and responsible. I record delivered that letter.
Me: Lol. You can call yourself grown up and responsible the day you graduate.
Sis: The day I have a kid Ill call myself responsible – not right now.
Me: How about the day you learn to use apostrophes?