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The Fourth Decade

Is there a term to describe an abandoned blog? Perhaps it entered the vernacular a few years ago and has now become obsolete because everyone already knows that the cool kids don’t blog anymore. Even so, it saddens me that my blogging frequency has dwindled from one post a week to one post a year. It used to be a place in which I could voice my anger and disappointment, trumpet my triumphs and lament my failures. Here, I could write outside of my ‘writer mode’. Some posts were tooled together in seconds, others took a bit more thought.


Me: Is it okay if I run in my North Face or will I get too hot?
P: It's fine. Just take it off if you get too sweaty.
Me: But I don't want to sweat in my North Face!
P: What? But that's the whole point.
Me: No, the whole point is to look like the kind of person who sweats in a North Face!